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Online Spring Classes Pay What You Can/Suggested Donations!

Online Youth Theatre Classes

Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades 5-8
Mondays 3-4pm
Instructor: Susan Lambert
Suggested Donation: $40

Let’s sing!! This class is for anyone who has always wanted to try singing, who wants to go a bit farther in their exploration or for actors who want to become more well-rounded in their skill building. We will work as a group to find our voices using the fundamentals of breathing, pitch and connecting our voice with our bodies. We will do this with exercises and also songs from the theatre world! Come and join us for some fun!!


Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades 9-12
Mondays 4:30-6pm
Instructor: Susan Lambert
Suggested Donation: $60

If you are exploring the worlds of singing , dancing and acting, then let’s dig in a bit deeper with how we prepare, experience and perform a theatre song and prepare for a role! Let’s learn more about what songs and roles suit you and your particular gifts, how we work on our belting as well as our legit voice; how we transition to pop singing and how this all integrates into our overall performance style. We will work together and separately on repertoire and technique… and yes! Get our chops on!


Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades 1-5
Tuesdays 4:15-5:15pm
Instructor: Samantha Walker
Suggested Donation: $40

This class begins the exciting journey of the budding actor. Children experience developmentally appropriate theatre games and dramatizations of stories that build the skills, spark the imagination, nurture creativity, and inspire empathy. The class also focuses on enhancing students’ communication skills and self-confidence. Though we can’t be together in person, we can be together on Zoom.


Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades: K-4
Wednesday 3:00-4:00
Instructor: Grace Fernandes
Suggested Donation: $20

New adventures await each week with the Story Explorers! Using favorite literature for young people and our imaginations we will make characters, environments and ideas come alive. New themes are explored each week and there are crafts to accompany stories made with materials you will be able to find at your homes.


Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades 5-8
Thursdays 2-3pm
Instructor: Nina Schuessler
Suggested Donation: $40

Zoom in and Get down with a fun and innovative acting workshop from the comfort of home. Explore the depths of Acting with energizing warm ups; imaginative games and prompts; discover and explore centered movement and delve into the layers of characters from plays across time and space.


Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades 10-Adult
Thursdays 7-9pm
Instructor: John Mooney
Suggested Donation: $60

Have you ever dreamed of doing stand-up comedy? Have you ever seen a comic on TV or in a club and thought to yourself, “I think I’m funnier than they are.” You just might be. The only difference is they’re doing it…and you’re not. Why don’t we change that? In this four-week course you’ll be given the tools to create 3-5 minutes of stand-up material.
You’ll learn:

• What makes you funny
• How to craft a punchline from a clear premise, including the “rule of three,” subverting expectations, expanding your material when you need to, being improvisational
• Knowing your audience, and how to adjust on the fly
• Stand-up “mechanics” (how to hold the mic, how to be in your body, etc.)
• How to deal with hecklers
• The business of stand-up

Most people are terrified to do stand-up, but when it works, there is nothing like it. I can’t make you funny, but chances are, if you’re interested in being a part of this course, you’re funny to someone besides yourself! Let’s work on making you the best funny you that you can be!  As a bonus, we’ll learn how to hone material for remote performances via Zoom while the world practices social distancing.


Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades 8-12
Fridays 4-5:30pm
Instructor: Jim Byrne
Suggested Donation: $40

A true story for our times. Sheltered in place. Fear of the outside world. Anti-semitism. A family struggling to keep it together. Young love blooms. Come read “The Diary of Anne Frank” with us!
In depth character analysis through textual study. The class will discuss the characters and setting. Students will be encouraged to work separately on their roles and even connect with fellow students outside of class time to read scenes together. The readings will be recorded for class use. Two weeks of script analysis. Week 1- Discussing character and historical situation. (A little history of the times.) Students will be asked to keep a diary of class experiences, to be shared at the last class. Each actress will get one anne monologue to perform. In addition to scene work. Week 2- Improv work on sheltering in place scenarios. What have you experienced that sheds light on Annes situation. How does Anne cope with seclusion? Weeks 3 and 4- reading act 1 and 2. Diary readings. Monologues performed. Group discussion and post show analysis.


Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19, 2020
Grades 5-12
Fridays 2:3–4pm
Instructor: Claude Kerven
Suggested Donation: $60

Good filmmaking is never about the technology but rather the story, the acting and the visuals. Amazing things can be accomplished with even the camera on your phone. Professional filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh, Sean Baker and Michel Gondry have already made the transition to this simpler technology.
This Online Workshop is a hands-on, filmmaker experience designed to provide teens with the opportunity to explore storytelling through the art of film. This experience consists of four 90-minute classes, meeting every Friday at 4pm.
In this 4-Week Online Workshop, students will be introduced to the language and practice of filmmaking so that they can apply this knowledge to the shooting of 3 of their own original films. Students will discuss shooting plans for their film projects and screen their work with their instructor and classmates throughout the course, culminating in a final screening and graduation ceremony.


YOU INC. – How to be your own CEO – Creative Executive Officer!
Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades 12-Adult
Thursdays 4-5:30pm
Instructor: Ethan Paulini
Suggested Donation: $60

Ever wonder what it takes to have a career in the performing arts? This workshop is part business seminar, part performance exploration. From discussion of industry trends and networking practices to application and selection of material that showcases you and your “brand” you will see the potential of your career in a whole new way. Whether you are at the beginning of your training and want to take the first big step or you want to elevate your hobby a bit, this is designed for all ages from novices and pros.


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