Ages: 18 & up

Location: Theatre
Instructor: Claude Kerven

Learn the fundamentals of visual storytelling and start applying it today.In this workshop, you will learn how to make a short film relying only on a smartphone and your own imagination. No filmmaking experience is required. Sophisticated equipment, special effects, advanced editing software, and big budgets are not necessary to tell a great story. With nothing more than a cell phone and your own creativity, you can touch people and move them in profound and meaningful ways.Who Is This Course For? This course is for anyone. Whether filmmaking is your passion, your hobby or just something you’ve always wanted to try, Smartphone Filmmaking will demystify the process of telling stories visually and help you translate your ideas into expressive and eloquent images. No Class May 29. Final class will conclude with a film screening for family and friends.
Tuition: $240


A Picture of Comedy Improv for Adults Class

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