Spotlight: Journalist Had a Dramatic Start

Cape Cod Theatre Company Seth Duane
Seth Duane

Seth Doane is a well-known CBS news correspondent and Peabody Award-winning journalist. He also is a Harwich native and HJT alum. Seth is featured in this month’s edition of Cape Cod Life magazine.

The byline of the article reads, “The Harwich Junior Theatre set the stage for CBS News reporter Seth Doane’s success.” Knowing his story and those of countless other members of the large extended HJT family, the theater’s Producing Artistic Director, Nina Schuessler, is not surprised.

As a training theater, HJT enables students not only to learn their craft in the classroom, but also to put their skills into practice in productions on the HJT stage. Seth was no exception, and participated in many classes and productions at HJT.

“Before I was a teenager, I got involved in the Harwich Junior Theatre and found a real home there,” Seth recalls. “…It was a place that really helped me grow as a person.”

Seth also notes the passion and support that the instructors had for the performing arts and for their young apprentices: “It was all a labor of love [for these teachers]…You couldn’t pay people to care as much as these people do.”

Remarkably, many of the HJT instructors and directors that guided Seth continue to inspire and educate people of all ages in the performing arts – including Michele Zapple, Robert Zapple, and James Byrne. It’s a testament to the longstanding dedication of these professionals to their craft, to the students, and to HJT.

A non-profit training theater, HJT contracts many theater professionals that also have a natural bent for teaching – including talented directors, choreographers, designers, playwrights, and musicians. These are the beloved mentors who encourage HJT students of all ages to explore their creative talents, experience and appreciate live theater, and develop and nurture a lifelong love and appreciation of the performing arts – the cornerstones of the mission that this theater was founded on more than 60 years ago.

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