2019 Annual Report


2019 Annual Report – Message from the Board

Writing today in Spring 2020, I find it difficult not to look back at 2019 with longing for the simple things that for decades have made CCTC/HJT the most important theater on Cape Cod: Hearing children in touch with their emotions and empathetic toward others. Seeing them wiggle way back then inch forward, to the edge of their seats. Watching youth come of age on stage. Knowing they will find success by applying what they have learned from our classes, rehearsals, and performances.

From these perspectives, 2019 was a rousing success. Nina Schuessler, our incomparable producing artistic director, brought forward shows that delighted and challenged our intergenerational actors and audiences, drawing on the talents of directors, designers, and crew plus Matt Kohler, our multi-faceted technical director. Tammy Harper, our indefatigable director of education and community outreach, introduced live theater to hundreds of students across the Cape in collaboration with school systems, summer camp programs, and our teaching artists. She also expanded our in-house educational offerings in the dramatic arts while launching a new dance program.

Accomplishments like these are not possible without you, our members and supporters. While 2020 is not going according to plan, rest assured that CCTC/HJT staff and the Board of Directors are working day and night to ensure that your theater—Betty Bobp’s friendly theater—will be ready to welcome you back when the time is right. Thank you for your generosity and for helping enrich the lives of so many.

Chris Powicki, President

We are saddened by the 2019 passing of Patricia Eleanor Cass, our friend, volunteer, and benefactor. Pat loved our theater and cared deeply for our mission. She took great pleasure preparing her delectable array of hors d’oeuvres and baked goods for countless opening night parties—always delivered with appreciation, a hug, and a smile. She was a devoted donor and included our theatre as part of her estate’s legacy gift. We are immeasurably grateful to Pat and her generous spirit, and we honor her memory. [Read more]


(IMO = In Memory Of; IHO = In Honor Of)

Angel ($2500+)
Academy of Performing Arts, Orleans
Art of Charity Foundation
Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
The Bilezikian Family Foundation
Cape Air
Patricia Cass
The John & Thirza Davenport Foundation
Michael Eizenberg, Educational Travel Alliance
Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation
Heidi Schuetz & Dan Wolf
William J. Hopper
Brendan Meehan
Martha Murray Real Estate, Inc.
Network For Good
Martha & Michael Palermo
Ric & Louise Rust
Salesforce, Inc.
South Shore Playhouse
Holly Todd
Rob & Michele Zapple

Executive Producer ($1000+)
The Amicangioli Family
Peter Arden
Mary Lou Martin & Chris Byrne
Gary & Michele Clarke
Cotuit Solar
Claude Danner
Russell-Davidson Foundation
Sally Davidson
David Gaetjens
Patsy Gardner
Tim & Kay Healy
Dorothy Hemmings
Anne Kiefer
Kinlin Grover Real Estate
John & Meg O’Leary
David & Gail Oppenheim
Rosie the Bulldog-Dogs for Drama
Nina K. Schuessler
Phillip & Sherrie Scudder
Solar Rising LLC
Jane Staab
Brent Stackhouse
Cregg Sweeney

Director ($500+)
Carlyn Carey
Maureen Carrita
Richard Casey
Chatham Sheet Metal
David Veach & Naomi Turner
Paul & Helen Doane
Seth Doane & Andrea Pastorelli
Robert & Mairead Doherty
E2 Solar, Inc.
Patricia Ellis
Arthur & Barbara Fatum
Grace Galvin, IMO Paul Richards
Samuel & Dedorah Haines
Charles Harper
Harper Family Foundation
Susan Kosoff, IMO Maggie Donovan
Eastham Ace Hardware
Lowey Chiropractic Wellness Center
Mid Cape Church Homes, IMO Hope Cavendish
Garry Mitchell
Janemarie & Gene Murray
My Generation Energy
Geraldine O’Malley
Judith Partelow & Thomas Slayter
Scott Raigel
Kristine Sawyer
Schoolhouse Construction
Karen Anne & John Townsend

Choreographer ($250+)
Rebecca Alden
Osborne & Joyce Bearse
The Brimdyr Family
The Cavendish Family, IMO Hope Cavendish
David & Barbara Constance
Ed & Jacqueline Coppola
Atty. William Crowell
Andrea E. Doane
Jacqueline Etsten
Carloyn Fletcher
Roger & Stephanie Gill
Scott & Kathy Hamilton
William Hill
Carolyn Holden Barrett
Christina A. Joyce
Herbert & Dianne Lerner
Jim & Alina Luccio
Maria Sofia Guillot & Lucas Guillot
Michael J. Mahoney
MASS/350.org For A Better Future
Mary Frances McConville
Richard Morrill & Leslie Fish Morrill
Susan Oberlander
The Olah Family
Richard & Janine Perry
Keith & Laurie Phelan
Florence Phillips
Robert & Ann Prall
Georgene Riedl
Gerie Schumann, IMO Lee Baldwin
Rick Sementa
The Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter
Diane Wells

Designer ($200+)
A3 Architects
Lynn Abravanel
Leland & Martha Adams
Barbara Amidon
Mary & Andrew Arnault
Janet & Richard Cosgrove
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dalpiaz
Larry & Aline Folding
Sarah Gibbons
Glivinski & Associates
Louise Hopper
Justin Ingold
The Labdon Family
Karen McPherson
Melaleuca The Wellness Company
Peter & Susan Milsky
Chris Powicki & Elizabeth Hooper
Rick Roy Construction LLC
Patti Smith
Roger Sullivan
Dianne Wadsworth

Stage Manager ($100+)
Jean Arnold, IHO Baker Boys
The Barnes Family
Pat & Frank Barnhart
Debra Barrette
Bruce & Nancy Bierhans
Your Favorite Aunt JoJo
Gretchen Burleigh-Johnson
Richard Butler
William F. Cahalane
Michael & Johanne Campbell
Kimball & Sherill Cartwright
Carrie Chavez, IMO Hope Cavendish
Mary Clark
Rev. David L. Clarke, IMO Hope Cavendish
IMO Ingrid Clouther, Steve’s Schatz
Roz Coleman
Michael & Sandra Concannon
Judy Cornwell
Noreen Couture
Susan Daggett, IMO Hope Cavendish
Peter & Elizabeth Davidian
Roger Di Gesu
Tiarna Doherty
Keith Driscoll
James & Belva Dudac
Michael Faino
Molly Forbush
Andi Genser & Sue Landers
Judith P. Gundersen
Katherine Hamilton
Harry Ellis, Builder LLC
The Harwich Extension
Kathleen Heffernan
Beverly Hopkins
Celeste Howe
Dr. P. William Hutchinson,
IHO Bob & Suzette
Mary Cronin & Bonnie Jackman
Josh Gordon Cooldude Memorial Fund
Gerald Kelley
Lois J. Kerbel
Wendy Kesselman
Donna Kirchhoffer
Julie & Vince Kraft
Stephanie DeFerie
William & Natacha Krum
Janet LaTanzi
Mary Lenihan
Tim & Joanna Spahr
Lower Cape Cod Kiwanis Fund
Patricia A. Mahoney
Lou & Carol Maloof
Doretta & John Mayer
Madeline McLaughlin
The Meehan kids
Sue & Art Mittelstaedt
Kurt & Martha Mittelstaedt, IHO Natalie Sweeney
William & Marjorie Montague
Mary B. Muse
Greg Nash
Kate Nelson
John & Margaret O’Brien
Deborah O’Connor
Linda Owens
Linda Owens, IHO Tim Owens
Carolyn Pickman
Marjorie Pinto-Leite
David & Pamela Purdy
Christina D. Pyrros
Scott & Stephanie Rostan
Susan Sard Tierney
Robert Schrader
Judith & Marc Sitkin
John & Shirley Stacy
Nina Stagakis
Bruce & Melissa Stanford
Jody Steiner
Grammy & Poppy Sweeney
Gwendolyn Szymkowicz
Thoman & Elizabeth Treiber
Charlotte G. Ventola, IMO Conrad Schuessler
Joshua Vinik
Victor Warren
Katie Buckley
Phyllis Welby
Alfred & Gayle Williams
Christopher Wray
Kevin Wyatt
Edward Yasuna
Joan Youngman

Lead Actor ($75+)
Joanne Callum Powers
Dr. Debi Gartland
Kenneth & Mary Jo Keenan
Peggy Rose
Lesley Williams

Ensemble ($50+)
Julia Adams
William & Elaine Allard
Yasmine AlSaleh
Joyce Bass
Gail Berliner
Daryl Bladen
Kevin Bleau
Richard Bolduc
The Bracketts
Sheila Brennan
Jo & Art Brisbane
Patrick & Mary Brophy
Kerry Bystrom
Robert Connor
Thomas Cooper
Sue Cornet
Deborah Cox
Beryl & Kevin Daley
Paul R. Devin
Ralph Diamond
Betsy Finn-Dicarlo
Jennifer Dimola
Megan Downey
Sheryl Sheehan & Emmet Delany
Stephen & Lisa Falcone
Patrica Farinha
Richard Fecteau
Glen & Rebecca Fernandes
Linda Field
Judith Ford
Bernard Gamche
Robert Goldstein
Susan Guy
Hamilton-Kerig Family
Adam Harrington
Carolie Johnson
Kate & Michael Jones
Michele Juda
Dawn Juergens
Wayne Kenney
Nancy Kimball
Florence Lofberg, IMO Hope Cavendish
Linda Maher, IMO Hope Cavendish
Alexena McKay
Diana Di Gioia & Melody Masi
Eugene Monay
Susan Monson
Kara Mott
Emily Murray
Ann Northrop
Colum & Arlene Nugent
Carol O’Sullivan
Ronald Palma
Denise Perrault
Connie Pina
Jacquie Plummer
Jim & Jane Rainey
Pam Robbins
Teresa Rostkowski
Elaine Sampson
Heidi Jon Schmidt
Carole Seelen
Miriam Selig
Amanda Sevak
Carolyn Sorz
Catherine M Spahr
Anne Stewart
David & Deborah Stringham
Marilyn Swenson
Lisa G. Taylor
Raymond & Beverly Thacher
Patricia Vigliorolo
Stephen Waller
Elizabeth Whitehead
Lauren Wolk-Hall
Jacqueline Sprinces Wong

Company ($25+)
Lynn Adams
Christos & Maria Alex
Sue Alexander
Carolyn Angelosante
Diane & Wade Barstow, IMO Hope Cavendish
Sonja Bartlett
Marlene Belfort
Peter & Jean Berasi
Larraine Bossi & Patrick Smith
Louis Bryan
Mary Buckley
John Cannon
Maureen Clark
Terrie Cole
Brenda B. Connelley
Amy Corrigan
Corson Family
Janet Cortese
Ellen Cota
Deborah Cox
Jane Cuoco
Susan Darcangelo, IMO Hope Cavendish
Steph DeFerie
Dorothea DeLeonardis
Leah Donahue
Carole Dowd
Lucy Holden
Elizabeth Dunning
Patricia Evans
Jane Fontana
Jeffrey Foster, IMO Bonnie Bearse
Cheryl Fraser
Lorraine Frederickson
John French
Paul & Joanne Gannon
Betsy Gardner
Joan Garrity
Susan S. Gauthier
Paula George
Chantel Gonsalves-Brown
Stephen Good
Victoria Hampton
Marion Healy, IMO James Healy
David Holden
Sheila House
Linda Kelly
Jean Kinkead
Karl & Wendy Sue Kissa
Sharon Krysiak
Elizabeth Larkowski
Susana G. Lopatka
William & Linda Lord
Barbara Lussier, IMO Hope Cavendish
Nancy Luther
Forrest, Alexis, & Carryl Lynn
Michele Magid
Margaret Mahrdt
Neeley Martin
Jean Martinez
Merritt McGowan
Jessica McKinney
Denise Montgomery
Kristen Morale
Nancy Moran
Regina Mullen
Karen Murphy, IHO Richard Murphy
Steve Murphy
Madeline Murphy
Emily Murray
Gracie O’Leary
Christina O’sullivan
Diane Pansire
Maryellen Paquette
Angela Patrick
Elizabeth Pem Schultz
Sarah Peters, Obed Brooks Landscaping
Susan Peterson
Elaine Peterson
Sandi Philbrook
Paula & Bob Phillips
Heidi Piche
Jane Porter
Denise Preston
Amanda Robinson
Mary Schneekloth
Nadia Schuessler, IMO Conrad Schuessler
Dolores Sherry
Charlotte Singer
Antonia Stephens
Louise Tucciarone
Linda Tucker
Thomas & Barbara Vlacich
Heidi von Schlieffen
Dina Harris
Nancy & Tom Whiteley
Claudia Williams
Erin Woodard
Carol Ann Yeaple
Holden Zapple
Jack Zapple
Jameson Zapple
Zoey Zapple
Marianne Zullas

2019 Revenues

2019 Financial Summary

CCTC/HJT experienced an up-and-down 2019, operating consistent with our mission but at a net loss of $31,000 on total revenues of $690,000. Total expenses rose. Some reserves—along with funds donated by you as individuals, families, foundations, businesses, and more—were invested in restoring our full-time education and outreach position and offering new programming, expanded school and community outreach, and buildings and grounds improvements. Total income dropped, but the 53% increase in education and outreach revenues largely offset the 18% decrease in box office revenues.