There’s more to live theatre than being in the audience. Each year, the Cape Cod Theatre Company mounts 10 productions and musicals on our main stage which means we have 10 auditions each year for performers. We encourage you to join us for an upcoming audition.

Treasure Island

Written by Robert Louis Stevenson, Adapted by Aurand Harris.
Directed by Rob Zapple


Wednesday, June 26 from 7-9 PM
Thursday, June 27 from 3-5 PM

at The Arts Center, 265 Sisson Rd in Harwich Center.

Performances are July 25 – August 10 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 7pm and Friday, Saturday and Sundays at 4pm.

All roles are available for men, women, teens, boys and girls ages 9 and up. Treasure Island is a stunning yarn of piracy on the tropical seas. At the center of it all are Jim Hawkins, a 14 year old boy who longs for adventure, and the infamous Long John Silver, who is a complex study of good and evil, perhaps the most famous hero villain of all time. “All audiences, young and old, will thrill to the lightning adventure, exotic settings, sea chanteys and the salty pirate dialogue.”

The Wind in the Willows

Directed by Jane Staab

Auditions for Adult Roles Only: Sunday, June 16 & Monday, June 17 from 6-8 PM at The Arts Center, 265 Sisson Rd in Harwich Center.

Auditions for all roles (youth and adult): Sunday, June 30 & Monday, July 1 from 5-7 PM at The Arts Center, 265 Sisson Rd in Harwich Center.

Character roles from the play:
Toad – a clever rascal, bon vivant, always in trouble (teen/young adult male or female)
Mole – an incessantly worried new friend of Toad (teen – most likely female)
Ratty – loyal friend to Toad (teen to young adult – most likely male)
Mr. Badger – venerable, easily irritated and always right friendly foil to Toad (U/S only)
Mrs. Otter – a concerned mom of Portly (older teen to young/middle age)
Portly Otter – a young scalliwag of questionable intelligence (age 8-10-ish)
Jack Weasel – a disreputable fellow (middle age)
Jen Weasel– his equally disreputable wife (same)
Tom Weasel – a weasely guy (older teen, young adult)
Tilly Weasel – his equally weasely wife (same)
Chauffer- a clueless and ageless fellow)
Policeman – a keystone cop type, ageless)
Jailer – a curmudgeony, older male)
Penelope (Jailer’s helpful daughter)
Bill and Alf – locomotive workers – male or female characters)
Weasel Cook – (teen to 90 years old)
Young Weasels (a group of rowdy children – all ages)

CRUDE- The Climate Change Musical

Directed by Fran Lautenberger

Auditions June 30 and July 1, 2019 at 7-9 pm at The Arts Center, 265 Sisson Rd in Harwich Center.

CRUDE is about an environmentalist daughter trying to outwit her oil tycoon Dad. Will PR dynamo Cassidy Sullivan steamroll her CEO Dad and his Global, Inc. into the Green Energy Business? An excellent opportunity to originate a role in a new production!

Performances are scheduled from Oct. 10 to Nov. 10, 2019.

Please prepare 16 bars of music that shows your personality, provide sheet music for accompaniment, and dress to move.

Available Parts:

Chad Cook – Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Global, Inc., a
multinational, publicly held, oil company. Age: 30-35. He’s a
gambler and an athletic Texan who is never without his cowboy hat
and boots. Tenor G2-G4

Leo Sullivan – Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Global, Inc.,
father of Cassidy & Kelly. Age: 50’s-70’s. With many interests
outside of the oil business, he is the quintessential absentee
boss. Baritone G2-G4

Cassidy Sullivan – Beautiful, ambitious and idealistic Vice
President of Public Relations, Global, Inc. Harvard Graduate.
Age: 20’s-30. Alto/Mezzo E3-D5

Matt Weismann – Junior Auditor with BigWhat4 Accounting Firm.
Age: 20’s. He’s a Whiz with numbers. He’s Kelly’s boyfriend.
Tenor G3-G4

Patsy Teller – Customer Service Manager for Global’s Solar Sands
Subsidiary in Puerto Rico. Age: 40’s-60’s. Alto F3-C5

Also 8-10 chorus people who play a variety of rolls, sing and dance.
4-5 men and 4-5 women. Ages : 16 and up

Tim Slickmann – Senior Auditor at BigWhat4 Auditing Firm. He
oversees the auditing team for the Global, Inc., account.
Age:40’s-60’s . Baritone F2-E3

Judy Sullivan – Wife of Leo, mother of Cassidy & Kelly. Motherly,
intrusive, wise. Age 50’s-70’s. Alto/Mezzo G3-C5

Kelly Sullivan – Engineer and Geologist, Global, Inc. Cassidy
Sullivan’s younger sister. Recent summa cum laude graduate of
Texas A&M. Age:20’s. Mezzo G3-D5

Brian Scribner – Wall Street Journal Investigative Reporter,
Beat: Energy Business, Hong Kong Office. Ambitious, persistent.
Age: 30’s-40’s. Tenor E3-F4

Inspector Jackie Barker– Inspector for the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC). She also works undercover. She’s
beautiful and sexy. Age: 20’s-30’s. Soprano C4-E5

Check back often for information about audition opportunities!

Please contact Nina Schuessler at 508-432-2002 ext. 12 if further information is required.