Adult Classes

Fall Classes Begin September 23

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If you are taking an in-person class but cannot make it for any reason, we will be happy to send you a Zoom link so that you can participate from home. Email Tammy to coordinate this at [email protected]

In Person at the Theatre

105 Division Street, West Harwich


Ages 17-97
Grades 12 – Adult
Instructor: Emily Tullock
Thursday 6:00-8:00 PM

Have you ever watched an improv show and envisioned yourself as a performer? Or perhaps you’re an actor looking for a creative outlet? Well, whatever your reason may be, this is the place for you. Join us each week as we embark on a journey full of games and exercises that’ll take you through the basics of improv such as taking risks, being present in the moment, and learning lifelong skills that can be used on and off stage – all while sharing a lot of laughs together!
No previous experience required, only an open mind and a willingness to say ‘Yes!”

A Picture of Comedy Improv for Adults Class



Grades 6-Adult
Instructor: Terry Norgeot
Tuesday 5:15-6:16

This advanced class includes proper warm-ups and stretches for the body, combined with across-the-floor progressions. This technique class will focus on faster and more intricate footwork. Students at this level will develop speed, clarity, dynamics, and the ability to execute complex rhythmic combinations. This is a performance class.

Harwich Junior Theatre tap dance class for kids



Grades 8 through Adult
Instructor: Terry Norgeot
Wednesday 5:15-6:15

Musical Theater Dance! This class is designed to learn jazz technique along with fun combinations from Broadway shows and more. You will get a great workout while building strength throughout your body. Have a jazzy time during these crazy times.

Harwich Junior Theatre tap dance class for kids