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Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Tuesdays 10:30 – Noon
Instructor: Jenn Pina
Suggested Donation:  $60

Jenn is a masterful teacher, known for her experimental mindset, her ability to create a safe space for her students to push bounds, and her rigorous coaching eye. Jenn has been an actor, dancer, director, teacher or student in theatres (and parks, street corners, studios…) from California to New York, Massachusetts to Louisiana on and off for over 40 years. Since 2003, she has worked as an executive coach, using theatre-based techniques to help leaders around the globe hone their ability to connect with their audiences. Her client list is extensive, and includes such institutions as Harvard Business School, Wellington Management, Bain Capital, TED, The Ariel Group, and UP Education Network. Along with fellow CCTC/HJT alum Andy Arden Reese, Jenn is co-founder of ÁSA Theatre,
This 4-week series for adults will hone our presence, performance, and storytelling skills. Based on the interests of the class, we will look at Storytelling:
• as a medium to connect with each other during this strange time of social distancing
• as a tool to connect with our audiences anytime and in any venue: virtually or in person; in traditional theatre settings, in meetings with our teams and colleagues at work; around our own kitchen tables
• and, if there is interest, as source material for composed, devised, or scripted theatre pieces.

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YOU INC. – How to be your own CEO – Creative Executive Officer!
Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades 12-Adult
Thursdays 4-5:30pm
Instructor: Ethan Paulini
Suggested Donation $60

Ever wonder what it takes to have a career in the performing arts? This workshop is part business seminar, part performance exploration. From discussion of industry trends and networking practices to application and selection of material that showcases you and your “brand” you will see the potential of your career in a whole new way. Whether you are at the beginning of your training and want to take the first big step or you want to elevate your hobby a bit, this is designed for all ages from novices and pros.

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Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Wednesdays 7-8:30pm
Instructor: Barbara E. Johnson
Suggested Donation: $60

A four week series illuminating your current Soul drama, somewhere shining off the pages of the NYT’s best-seller, Women Who Run with the Wolves. Author Dr. C.P.Estes, Jungian psychiatrist and performer, details the wisdom of the fairy tale to unveil the all-knowing, wild woman, in each of us, whether female or male. This engaged archetype awakes us to our creative journey of becoming a true human being, aglow with originality.

Expressive Arts Therapist, B.E. Johnson, using this sensational primer as Guide, leads each member to self-examine the challenges of where you are now, where you are called, and how to get there. Approaches include expressive arts, theater exercises, movement, music, and applied psychodrama, with weekly reading assignment. A copy of the book is required.

Fairy tales pose real life questions: Are you falling asleep at the stream? Blindly switching good messages for bad? Sorting seeds from dirt? Tending the fire? Facing down the predator?

The facilitator has explored and immersed in the wisdom of fairy tales through trainings with Dr. Estes since 2013. Come and “sing over your bones” by re-fleshing the wild woman archetype in you!

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Online Spring – May 26 thru June 19
Grades 10-Adult
Thursdays 7-9pm
Instructor: John Mooney
Suggested Donation: $60

Have you ever dreamed of doing stand-up comedy? Have you ever seen a comic on TV or in a club and thought to yourself, “I think I’m funnier than they are.” You just might be. The only difference is they’re doing it…and you’re not. Why don’t we change that? In this four-week course you’ll be given the tools to create 3-5 minutes of stand-up material.
You’ll learn:

• What makes you funny
• How to craft a punchline from a clear premise, including the “rule of three,” subverting expectations, expanding your material when you need to, being improvisational
• Knowing your audience, and how to adjust on the fly
• Stand-up “mechanics” (how to hold the mic, how to be in your body, etc.)
• How to deal with hecklers
• The business of stand-up

As a bonus, we’ll learn how to hone material for remote performances via Zoom while the world practices social distancing.

Most people are terrified to do stand-up, but when it works, there is nothing like it.

I can’t make you funny, but chances are, if you’re interested in being a part of this course, you’re funny to someone besides yourself! Let’s work on making you the best funny you that you can be!

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