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Grade 12 – Adults

Dream Tale Theatre

Winter | Spring 

Barbara E. Johnson

Did you drop your dream on the floor? Did it blow away in a breeze? Is it calling you? This five week series advances the nighttime dream as a daily source of guidance into real life dramas. Inviting our dreams into the daylight of consciousness, we are also amazed at how entertaining and original ‘we’ are! Using enactment, movement, arts/sound-making, meditation and imagining, B.E. Johnson, Expressive Arts Therapist, leads each student into the luminous land of the nighttime dream.

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Expressive Art Therapist, Barbara E. Johnson
discusses methods for dream interpretation.
Listen to her recent interview on WOMR radio.

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Women Who Run With Wolves

Winter | Spring

Barbara E. Johnson

A 5-week series illuminating your current Soul drama, somewhere shining off the pages of the NYT’s best-seller, Women Who Run with the Wolves. Author Dr. C.P.Estes, Jungian psychiatrist and performer, details the wisdom of the fairy tale to unveil the all-knowing, wild woman, in each of us, whether female or male. This engaged archetype awakes us to our creative journey of becoming a true human being, aglow with originality.

Expressive Arts Therapist, B.E. Johnson, using this sensational primer as Guide, leads each member to self-examine the challenges of where you are now, where you are called, and how to get there. Approaches include expressive arts, theater exercises, movement, music, and applied psychodrama, with weekly reading assignment. A copy of the book is required.

Fairy tales pose real life questions: Are you falling asleep at the stream? Blindly switching good messages for bad? Sorting seeds from dirt? Tending the fire? Facing down the predator
The facilitator has explored and immersed in the wisdom of fairy tales through trainings with Dr. Estes since 2013. Come and “sing over your bones” by re-fleshing the wild woman archetype in you!

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Comedy Improv for Adults

Winter | Spring

Mike Devine

What Is improv? If you’re familiar with “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” you are familiar with improvisational comedy, making the laughs up as you go along. Comedy and fun suitable for everyone! Whether a seasoned performer or someone who’s never been onstage, you will love this class! Improv is not only for actors, if your looking to improve your public speaking, your confidence or just vent after a long work week, Improv is right for you. This class is fun and supportive, and we will help you reach your goal, whatever that may be.

The educational programs offered at CCTC|HJT are brought to you in part by Seaside LeMans, The Race for the Cape Cod Community.

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Introduction to

Saturday, April 18, 11am-5pm
Sunday, April 19, 12-5pm
There will be a public performance on Sunday at 4pm

An extraordinary approach to theatre for social change developed by Brazilian director, popular educator, and political activist Augusto Boal, in which in which everyday people develop and perform plays together as a way to rehearse for action in the real world. In this workshop Ellie Friedland will lead participants through Boal’s basic games and exercises designed for actors and non-actors alike, in an atmosphere of fun, play and critical reflection. Theatre of the Oppressed exercises, games, and Image Theatre work emphasize physical dialogues, non-verbal imagery, problem-solving processes, and techniques for developing awareness of both external and internalized forms of oppression. In Image Theater, a powerful tool for developing dialogue, critical thinking, and group coherence, the body is used to create images that help participants explore power relations and group solutions to concrete problems.

ELLIE FRIEDLAND has been an activist teacher educator, writer and performer for more than 25 years, specializing in teaching for social justice, and integrating drama, Theatre of the Oppressed, and movement, into early childhood education and teacher education and professional development. Ellie is Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education and Theatre at Wheelock College in Boston. She leads workshops for teens and adults in Theatre of the Oppressed for the Wheelock Family Theatre.

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Adult/Teen Jazz/Tap

Winter | Spring | Fall 

Terry Norgeot

This class is for beginning to advanced beginning tap students with a half hour of jazz warm up. Come join us for a fun time while developing technique to learn new steps, rhythms, patterns, and combinations. This is a performance class or not. You make the choice.

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Grade 7-Adult Hip-Hop

Winter | Spring | Fall

Raquel Wallace

Class will start with a warm-up that includes cardio, as well as basic Hip-Hop grooves found throughout Raquel’s choreography. While learning choreography in class you will be encouraged to incorporate individuality and musicality. This is a high energy class. Wear comfortable street clothes and sneakers. Bring a water bottle. International guest artists from the industry will make special teaching appearances.

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Grades 10-Adult

Winter | Spring | Fall

Becky Burrill

Join us for a structured improvisational dance class! We begin with warm-ups exploring different aspects of body/mind, such as, perceptual orientations in space, weight, and time and in the three dimensions, developmental movement patterns, and awareness of kinesphere and interpersonal dynamics. These explorations are material for creating and structuring mini dance scores. Each dancer becomes an artistic director of their own score, danced by the whole group. We play spontaneously with forces, shapes, feelings, images, and ideas rather than specific dance technique. All are welcome. Lead by Becky Burrill, Ed.D—dance-improvisationist and artistic director, movement-based child developmentalist and educator, writer.

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