Cast and Crew Rules

In order to keep our cast and crew safe and well all cast and crew members are expected to attend all agreed upon rehearsals except in case of illness or emergency. Being in a production is a team effort and requires the cooperation and collaboration of the entire team.

Cast and crew must read and agree to the following rules:
A printed copy of these rules is available on request.

CCTC|HJT can accept responsibility for cast and crew only when scheduled for rehearsals/performances or during staffed and mutually agreed upon CCTC?HJT volunteer events on the properties at Division St, and Sisson Rd in Harwich. CCTC|HJT cannot guarantee against the possibility of accident. Any claim that might be made against CCTC-HJT, its officers, employees and agents in connection with any injury which may incur, other than claims resulting from gross neglect of CCTC|HJT, its officers, employees or agents, must be waived. CCTC|HJT cannot be held responsible if a cast or crew member gets into a vehicle with an unauthorized or under-age individual.

Absolutely no alcohol, drugs or weapons allowed on theater property. No smoking or vaping in the building or anywhere on theater property. There will be no physical contact, beside that required in performance, while on theatre property. Conversations must be kept appropriate for a family theatre. All those 18 years of age and over must participate (free of charge) in a CORI background check through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for shows that require working with/alongside anyone under 18 years of age.

Timely arrival is expected for rehearsal and performance calls. The Call Board attendance sheet should be checked prior to all performances. Attention must be paid to the calls of the Stage Manager. No visitors are to attend rehearsals without prior permission of director and stage manager. Shoes or sneakers must be worn at all times. No bare feet, unless called for on stage, and then, only while on stage. Cell phones must be on silent and stored in bags or placed off to the side during rehearsals. Cell phones may only be used on breaks or in case of an emergency. No texting in the rehearsal room. Casts are expected to provide their own footwear, tights, and eye and lip make-up and remover. All must participate in clean up during rehearsals and after performances. Eating must take place only in designated areas and not in costume. Clean up after eating is expected. This applies to any off site rehearsal spaces such as the The Art’s Center and middle school. NO GUM. All cast and crew are expected to assist with strike following the final performance of each production.

In case of a necessary absence, the Stage Manager must be notified prior to the rehearsal with as much advance notice as possible. No absences will be allowed during the last week of the rehearsal schedule other than for serious illness or emergency. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the stated call time for rehearsal/ performances. Please be sure a staff member or adult volunteer is aware of your presence. Please leave promptly after rehearsal/performances. CCTC|HJT is not equipped to supervise after hours. Everyone under 18 must stay on theater grounds in designated, supervised areas unless written permission is provided by a parent or guardian. CCTC|HJT will not be responsible for a child during time away from the theater. There is no running around or rough housing allowed. All must behave appropriately and be aware of the needs of fellow cast and crew members. If anyone exhibits disruptive behavior which is distracting to the rehearsal, including verbal abuse, bullying, teasing or vandalism, CCTC|HJT will first speak with that person. If the behavior is repeated, CCTC|HJT will talk to the parent or guardian and, if it is repeated a third time, the result will be an automatic expulsion from the production. Excessive noise outdoors is prohibited in respect for our neighbors. Inappropriate touching or hitting is not tolerated at the theater. Within dramatic play on stage, there may be physical contact between actors that is appropriate to the scene. A director always supervises this. We must always be considerate of others in words and gesture. The line between on and offstage is definite. All stage combat is choreographed and directed. Students in production may bring homework to rehearsals to work on at times when they are waiting. Rehearsal involvement at CCTC|HJT should be used as an excuse for failing to pass in homework or a decline in grades.

By signing above I certify that I agree to upload the standards set forth above. If I am the parent or adult guardian of a cast member I agree that I have discussed these expectations with my child.