Top 10 Audition Survival Tips

Auditions are an important part of the theatrical creative process. They give a production’s creative team a chance to meet and become acquainted with you in order to cast/assign roles for a particular play or musical. Although auditions can seem intimidating, these top 10 audition tips can help you survive – and shine!

  1. Choose songs, monologues, or text that you really enjoy performing and that are within your vocal, age, and emotional range.
  2. Preparation gives you confidence. Practice, practice, practice your audition material – and perform it for as many people as possible.
  3. Your audition begins the moment you step out of the car. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your audition call time – and be courteous and friendly to all.
  4. As you wait for your turn, remind yourself that the audition is just another opportunity to perform for an audience – with a chance to be cast.
  5. Self-affirmations really can help. Tell yourself “I LOVE to audition,” or, “I can’t WAIT to get in there and sing my song.”
  6. During the audition, remember that everyone in the room wants you to do well! The team is hoping – just as you are – that you might be the right person for the role.
  7. Smile and be personable. Introduce yourself in a strong, clear voice and be sure to make eye contact. Break a leg!
  8. Remember, this is live theater. If things don’t go the way you planned during your audition, don’t apologize or make excuses. Be “in the moment” and use your creativity to your advantage.
  9. Accept direction. Directors may ask you to read a line or sing a song differently. It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. Give it a try! It’s a sign of their interest – and a compliment.
  10. When your audition is over, thank the team for their time before you leave the room.

After your audition is finished, pat yourself on the back. Remember that casting decisions often are influenced by things that are out of our control – such as height or “type.” If you’re not cast, don’t give up or feel discouraged. Try to learn something new from each audition. Continue to take classes, perform whenever you have the opportunity, and go see lots of plays and musicals. It’s amazing how much you can learn by watching fellow actors perform live on stage!

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