The Jester Jackpot! You could win $10,000

Have you ever thought about what YOU could do with an extra $10,000?!?!
Every $20 ticket purchased buys you one chance towards our $10,000 jackpot!
1x $10,000
1x $5,000
1x $2,500
5x $500
HOW DOES THIS WORK? How can the theatre just afford to give away money?
Well, We can’t! That’s why we are launching this ‘think big’ fundraiser!
Tickets will cost $20 each. We will only sell 5,000 tickets so each ticket gives you a 1/5,000 chance of winning a cash prize!
Proceeds from this fundraiser will allow us to further our mission of innovative, educational programming for all generations, and we thank you for your contribution!
Follow the link below to see the full rules and buy your raffle ticket today!

 Take me to the Jester Jackpot!

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